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Dining side and arm chairs

Hector Arm Chair Hector Chair Bailey Chair Outdoor Counter Stool 7572 Franklin Arm Chair

Dining Chair

A dining chair typically sits 18"h and is often used as a desk chair. Seat height can vary slightly, but 18" is the correct height for sitting at most dining tables or desks. They come in many shapes and sizes. When choosing a dining chair, one should consider style- whatever that means to you, and comfort as people tend to eat, work and congregate around the dining table.

  1. Franklin Arm ChairFranklin Arm Chair
  2. Franklin ChairFranklin Chair
  3. Brattle ArmchairBrattle Armchair
  4. Brattle ChairBrattle Chair
  5. Ithaca ArmchairIthaca Armchair
  6. Bailey ArmchairBailey Armchair
  7. Boswell ArmchairBoswell Armchair
  8. Boswell ChairBoswell Chair
  9. Genevieve Arm ChairGenevieve Arm Chair
  10. Genevieve ChairGenevieve Chair
  11. Hector Arm ChairHector Arm Chair
  12. Hector ChairHector Chair
  13. Chronos Arm ChairChronos Arm Chair
  14. Bailey ChairBailey Chair
  15. Arm Chair 1043Arm Chair 1043
  16. Chair 1927Chair 1927
  17. Arm Chair 1927Arm Chair 1927
  18. Juli Side ChairJuli Side Chair
  19. Newt Side ChairNewt Side Chair
  20. Chair 1938Chair 1938
  21. Arm Chair 1938Arm Chair 1938
  22. Arm Chair 5553Arm Chair 5553
  23. Arm Chair 5653Arm Chair 5653
  24. Arm Chair 5953Arm Chair 5953
  25. Outdoor Counter Stool 7572Outdoor Counter Stool 7572
  26. Outdoor Teak Chair 7573Outdoor Teak Chair 7573
  27. Outdoor Counterstool 7573Outdoor Counterstool 7573
  28. Outdoor Belize Chair 149Outdoor Belize Chair 149
  29. Chair 5663Chair 5663
  30. Danbury Studio Side ChairDanbury Studio Side Chair
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