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Decorative Lighting

Recycled Fluted Glass Lamp Spun Ceramic Lamp Floral Lamp Serrated Ceramic Lamp Glass Gourd Lamp


Lighting comes in all kinds of mediums: chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, floor lamp, etc. Pieces can be traditional, transitional, contemporary or even whimsical and the feeling the light fixture evokes can often set the tone of the space.

  1. Alabaster Hour Glass LampAlabaster Hour Glass Lamp
  2. Porcelain Lamp With Acrylic BaPorcelain Lamp With Acrylic Ba
  3. Recycled Fluted Glass LampRecycled Fluted Glass Lamp
  4. Oval Sand Glass LampOval Sand Glass Lamp
  5. Recycled Glass LampRecycled Glass Lamp
  6. Hand Etched Mercury LampHand Etched Mercury Lamp
  7. Blue And White Glass LampBlue And White Glass Lamp
  8. Multi Color Glass LampMulti Color Glass Lamp
  9. Serrated Ceramic LampSerrated Ceramic Lamp
  10. Drip Glaze Ceramic LampDrip Glaze Ceramic Lamp
  11. Fluted Ceramic LampFluted Ceramic Lamp
  12. Spun Ceramic LampSpun Ceramic Lamp
  13. Floral LampFloral Lamp
  14. Glass Gourd LampGlass Gourd Lamp
  15. Mercury Glass LampMercury Glass Lamp
  16. Bisque Ceramic LampBisque Ceramic Lamp
  17. Aspen Bark LampAspen Bark Lamp
  18. Clear Teardrop Glass LampClear Teardrop Glass Lamp
  19. Oval Recycled Glass LampOval Recycled Glass Lamp
  20. Distressed Solid Brass LampDistressed Solid Brass Lamp
  21. Ceramic Lattice Urn LampCeramic Lattice Urn Lamp
  22. Oval Fluted Clear Glass LampOval Fluted Clear Glass Lamp
  23. Venetian LampVenetian Lamp
  24. Balustrade LampBalustrade Lamp
  25. Crystal Rectangular LampCrystal Rectangular Lamp
  26. Solid Wood Orb LampSolid Wood Orb Lamp
  27. Contempo Wood LampContempo Wood Lamp
  28. Brass Floor LampBrass Floor Lamp
  29. Athens White Lamp Athens White Lamp
  30. Pendant Lamp Chandelier Pendant Lamp Chandelier
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