Fall 2020 Market Intros: LEE Industries

For the first time in 25+ years, Apropos did not attend the High Point Fall Market. Fortunately though – we represent some great factories who have provided photos of new product and fabric intros. Let’s start with LEE Industries.

In the event that you are unfamiliar with LEE, they are a terrific company out of Conover, NC. They’ve been around for over 50 years. The LEE upholstery line is tremendous and goes from traditional through transitional right into contemporary. Goods are well-made AND well-priced. The culture of the company is more that of a family than a corporation and they remain committed to their clients, the community and the environment.

What’s new from LEE Industries? A few standout frames were introduced.

The day bed has nice clean lines and the flared arms give it a little polish. The 8223 Sofa is somewhat reminiscent of the wildly popular 5772 Chair. If you’d like to take a peak at all of the LEE Industries Fall Market Intros, please have at it.

As far as fabrics are concerned, we’ve got some new exclusive prints and some luxe textures.

You really must come in to see and touch…

All in all, LEE did not disappoint. They haven’t re-invented the wheel but they’ve introduced a couple of new frames and they’ve tweaked some solid performers. Contact your sales associate to review what’s new either remotely or in person.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

We don’t know how long we will be working remotely. And with all of the beautiful home office solutions available to us these days, why put up with makeshift space?

So we have been asked to stay at home – at least those of us deemed nonessential. Many of us thought the transition to working from home would be simple. After all, in this day and age there is not much that we don’t do on our computers. Easy enough, we boot up our desktops or crack open our laptops and BAM – home office.

Not so fast. The kids are also home? Ok, so everyone in the house needs a device. The battle for bandwidth begins. Fortunately, the last time I tried to lower my cable bill, my provider was able to convince me to increase my bandwidth by some obscene amount to justify being charged exorbitant fees. Phew…we are all video conferencing, attending classes, streaming videos & music, shopping and emailing simultaneously with barely any lag. Crisis averted. Mostly…

There’s stuff everywhere. Every flat surface is fair game. We have books, school supplies, files, and office supplies. It’s time to get serious about a home office. After all, we’re not sure what this COVID-19 pandemic has in store for us. We don’t know how long we will be working remotely. And with all of the beautiful home office solutions available to us these days, why put up with makeshift space? Reclaim your dining table for dining. Your server doesn’t need to serve as a catchall.

Whatever your style, there’s a desk or writing table for you. Storage can get a little trickier if you have space issues, but if you have the room, why not go for a file credenza? They are no longer the atrocities of yesteryear. Vanguard Furniture introduced some fabulous office pieces as part of their Make It Yours Program.

With different styles, faces, finishes and hardware to choose from, you’re bound to find a style that works for you.

Maybe you’d prefer to use a piece that has already been designed – tried and true. So many options are available in traditional or classical styles. Sure, start your search on the web, but be sure to check in with a sales associate who might be able to provide some other options.

Continue to work remotely, but do it in style. Stay safe.