Fall 2022 – Market Standouts

The High Point Furniture Market appeared to be back in full swing this fall. Manufacturers were showing new products and buyers were in attendance. Standouts or takeaways…

American Leather has improved its lead times TREMENDOUSLY! Most goods are shipping in under a month. Occasionally a component or a cover is out of stock and that slows down production – but more often than not their made-to-order upholstery is shipping quickly.

Bontempi Casa introduced some beautiful new chairs. Clean, simple, and many are in stock in the US. The Malik is one of several models available with a flexible ergonomic back.

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Malik Flex from Bontempi Casa

In addition to the chairs, many dining tables are in the quick ship program. Those pieces can typically be delivered in a few weeks. With the holidays rapidly approaching – we still have some options.

Bungalow 5 introduced a number of linen-wrapped pieces. They too continue to stock pieces in the US to allow for more reasonable lead times. It’s always best to check stock before ordering though if you are trying to meet a deadline.

LEE Industries is always a favorite. They introduced a few new frames and a number of fabrics. Classic stripes, solid performers, rich leathers, whimsical patterns, and the much sought neutral boucle.

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LEE Industries Fabric Introductions

More importantly, LEE has managed to decrease lead times significantly. They are down to an average of 12-16 weeks. And they continue to strive towards their old 6-8 week lead times.

Vanguard Furniture introduced some more modular upholstery and their customizable programs are some of the broadest. Make It Yours categories include bedroom, dining room, office, and more.

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Make It Yours Bedroom Options from Vanguard Furniture

Vanguard lead times have also improved. Each category is different – so again – best to check your particular category.

Wesley Hall looked great. Peter Jacob continues to modernize the line. You can still get your classic traditional designs. But you can also get more transitional and contemporary pieces. All bench-made by true craftsmen and women. Although their lead times are improving, they are still running at 8 months. If you can wait, you will not be disappointed with the product.

So to recap – lead times are improving – some faster than others. Product lines and categories are expanding. And the industry is once again moving forward.

Lead times, in stock, quick ships…

Most people in our industry understand that lead times have spun out of control over the last year or so. Most people. Some must not have access to news as they berate us for not being able to ship their orders in what they deem a timely fashion. Not only do we understand the frustration, we share in it. Unfortunately, it is what it is…

Gaines Comfort Sleeper from American Leather can be Ready to Ship in 7 business days!

On a more positive note, some new quick ship programs have emerged. From American Leather, you have a couple of options. We have the Priority Program formerly known as Early Bird. The factory commits to ship your product in twenty days, subject to material availability. If unavailable, your order will receive priority when back is stock. The fee for this priority service depends upon how many pieces you’re ordering. The other option is a Ready to Ship Program. Select styles are available in a handful of fabrics and leather. Goods are ready to ship in seven business days!

Another manufacturer offering a Quick Ship Program is Bontempi Casa. Goods are stocked here in the States and typically ship within a week or so. We get inventory updates regularly which helps to eliminate surprises.

LEE Industries picked some of the best sellers to include in their RapidLEE Program.

LEE Industries has re-introduced RapidLEE. The new version of this program includes several of their most popular sofas and chairs available in any in stock fabric or leather, other than Sunbrella. Lead time on these pieces is 10-12 weeks and there is a nominal fee associated with the program.

Vanguard Furniture offers a number of products in their Quick Ship Program – both case goods and upholstery. Goods are stocked finished and upholstered and should ship within two weeks!

BDI and Bungalow 5 typically try to keep a decent amount of stock, so there is always a good chance that they will be able to turn an order around pretty quickly.

That just about sums up our quick ship options. But please do not hesitate to ask if you need something quickly. If we can accommodate you, we will. If we cannot, we might be able to lead you in the right direction.